When the words I've written receive recognition, my heart skips a beat and the win totally surprises me. I've won nothing huge, but with each award, my characters are thrilled to escape the file drawer for a round of applause  My characters have taken me on such delightful jaunts I'd like you to meet my special people and share in their five minutes of fame!

Secrets from the Creek

After 45 years of marriage and still raw from the divorce, Carol was determined not to sell the old cabin even though that is where the nightmares surfaced. She fiercely held onto her dignity and pride until the day her son brought the real estate agent to visit.

West Texas Writers, Inc.  2011 Short Story Writing Contest, June 4, 2011

First Place, $25.00 check and Certificate; judged by Author Shonda Folsom


Charlie’s Shirt

 Maggie loved Charlie for always doing the right thing but when he voluntarily joined the Marine Corps at the beginning of WW2, silent anger boiled as she went about life raising their two little girls until, wearing his shirt, she faced the truth.


          Gulf Coast Writers Association Literary Contest, May 2009

          Second Place Fiction, $50.00 check,  AND a pretty, engraved plaque that hangs on my wall, and Published on-line


 The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Granny Spring baked two birthday lamb cakes every year and when prodigal Granddaughter returned home, their cake tradition  took on a new meaning.

          Faithwriters Magazine, April 2005

           Second Place Fiction, Published special featured story in on-line magazine.


 A Cowboy and His Hat

J.M. figured out how to make good hat-wearing choices while riding his trusty tricycle horse, Big Boy.

     San Antonio Writers Guild, December 2004

        First Place Children’s Fiction (And this one earned a hold-in-my-hand statue; see banner at top of page)




Back Alley Friendship

Meeting Sheba, the neighborhood German Shepherd, leads a tired grandmother to a magical convertible ride.

     ByLine Magazine,  October 1999

     Honorable Mention, Personal Experience


“Freedom! Vs the Pink Handkerchief”

Frustrated and exhausted, young Barbara slams the door on hubby, small daughters, her overbearing responsibilities, and runs away to the neighborhood park where she encounters an old woman whose diamonds and success show Barbara what her pink handkerchief holds.

     Austin Christian Writers’ Guild, August 1998

      First Place Fiction, $15.00 check, Printed Certificate, and Judged by  author Cecil Murphy.


“View From the Dishpan”

Day to Day Thoughts for Advent

Written by Liz Hoyt Herbert ©1972

Printed by local organizations as fundraiser:

     1972 by Bethany Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas

     1976 by Travis County Foster Parents Association, Austin, Texas