Way back in the dark ages of my early adult years, my writing “career” stayed in the closet while life careened around raising my two birth children, mothering eleven foster children, holding down various out-of-the-home fulltime careers, and sometimes  messing up my life.


        Then, as a single grandmother, my amazing daughter Melinda who has various disabilities, came back home with her two-year-old. Together we began to raise that little boy while I held down those miscellaneous fulltime careers.  

     Gradually, before I stepped into retirement, life slowed down so I wrote faster and found courage to submit to the public.  Surprising publishing credits came and I received huge blessings writing the stories of amazing people and organizations. Hey! . I just kept writing faster. 

      And, while writing my heart out, suddenly, Dear Heart (the oldest son of a precious 103-year-old lady who was the subject of one of my feature stories) unexpectedly swept me off my feet. Reeling from so many blessings, I became a bride again… with lots of new family... in my old age!

In 2000, Gus wandered into my life, captured my love and in 2002 became my husband, my Dear Heart forever.



     God took Gus and me us on an incredible journey and you'll find some of it on these pages and in my stories. But, in 2017, my dearly beloved outran me to the Holy Father's House. The light in my heart went dark and my keyboard stayed silent. 

As the muddy waters of grief began to clear, a bunch of delightful, zany, silver-seniors helped me learn to live--and write--again.