Way back in the dark ages of my early adult years, my writing “career” stayed in the closet while life careened around raising my two birth children, mothering eleven foster children, holding down various out-of-the-home fulltime careers, and sometimes  messing up my life.


        Then, as a single grandmother, my amazing daughter (Sweetness) who has various disabilities, came back home with her two-year-old. Together we began to raise that little boy while I held down those miscellaneous fulltime careers.  

     Gradually, before I stepped into retirement, life slowed down so I wrote faster and found courage to submit to the public.  Surprising publishing credits came and I received huge blessings writing the stories of amazing people and organizations. Hey! . I just kept writing faster. 

      And, while writing my heart out, suddenly, Dear Heart (the oldest son of a precious 103-year-old lady who was the subject of one of my feature stories) unexpectedly swept me off my feet. Reeling from so many blessings, I became a bride again… with lots of new family... in my old age!

In 2000, Gus wandered into my life, captured my love and in 2002 became my husband, my Dear Heart forever.


 Most of our blended families gathered for Christmas on our Hill in 2006.


These were the only ones not at Christmas with us :


..the Marine son returned from Iraq and one of the Ohio grandsons took a wife.


     God has taken us on an incredible journey and you'll find a lot of it on these pages and in my stories. Which means that these days, in addition to weaving words into stories, I find great joy as Dear Heart's wife and as Mom, Memaw, "wicked step-maw-grannie," grandma, confidant, cook, and friend to an assortment of amazing and precious people who are part of our blended families and friends.


     Suddenly finding myself with so much family, the only thing to do was to grab my laptop and race around the country celebrating graduations, weddings, Christmas gatherings, retirement, and birthday parties with our large blended family. In between those trips and a multitude of celebrations  right here on our hill, we took time off for Dear Heart's open heart and back surgeries and for each of us to have a knee replaced! (three good knees between us!).


     Of course each adventure brings a new story, and--as life ebbs and flows--submissions go out, our stories appear in various anthologies, we worship, give thanks, and instead of vacuuming I create new blogs and web sites.


    Now that you've waded through this life story, if you check out the pages of some of my published works, you’ll understand the gaps in those writing credits.

     Dear Heart & I spent our first Christmas shivering in Akron, Ohio  for my first-ever White Christmas!!! .And guess what? Walking through the snow with Dear Heart I remembered:  Though your sins be as scarlet,  they shall be white as snow.; though they be red as crimson they shall be like wool. (Isaiah 1:18)  Every day, God  still shows ME His  Grace and Truth!

.....and there are more stories between and after.......... please stay tuned!


WOW.  Things change in a family like ours. Here is our update as of August, 2012:

1.  One granddaughter in the family-gathering photo (above), married in 2007 and in December 2011 added to our greats by presenting us with our first

Great-grand-daughter  !!!!

        [Small updates below made on February 8, 2013.... where DOES the time go?]

2.  And now this beautiful, busy little lady is expecting a SISTER in February, 2013. [Abby was born on schedule and all is well]

Baby Sister Abby arrived January 29, 2013

3.  The Ohio grandson & sweet wife who married in 2009-- are expecting their first and another great grand for us in February, 2013. [Casey was born early but is healthy and all is well]

4.  A Texas grandson will take a bride in November of 2012. [He did -- a week before my knee surgery--and she is precious and they will visit next week.]

The only wedding picture I have of them..... but, it's only been five months, so maybe..... but they are precious in my sight.

So, our clan continues to bloom and blossom and we are blessed.