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March 10, 2017


     In the year since I updated this site, CHANGE continued to be the driving force in our lives.

      My Caregiver Hat is worn about 24/7 and we continue to learn, survive, and walk this bumpy road of Hospice.

     My Dearly Beloved is not yet bed-bound and his indomitable spirit continues to glow and encourage all of us. 

      Now and then, late at night when the house is quite and my care-receivers are safely sleeping, I don my Writing Hat for short arguments with the keyboard. My spirit thrives and somehow my dream book stays alive.

     In those precious few minutes, I get words onto the screen as fast as my now 80- year-old fingers will type. From Sarah's Wagon to Liz's E-mails: Stories Told in the Shade of Our Family Tree.

     The stories I have written through the years about our families often appeared in various newspapers and national publications. My hope is to consolidate the stories, handed down from my great grandmother, into a volume for my descendants and those yet to come. 

          AND, I work hard to keep smiling and I try to pray...especially when the water gets rough and my faith falters. God is faithful and He keeps my faith balanced.

 Remember: Life rushes by in a flash. Touch base with your friends and loved ones. I promise you that a even a quick personal word, a note, or an occasional catch-up e-mail will be received as a cherished hug.

   My heart is thrilled that you stopped by my site. While little is different these days, you will find positive things here, happy events, and lovely porches that tell other stories. Keep in touch. 

I haven't posted new thoughts on my blog in a very long while. But, my fingers are flying again over the keyboard and I have plans. And hopes.              


I have LOTS of chairs where I pause to pray so there is always an extra one for a guest.

You're  welcome to stop by to chat about writing, grandchildren, friends, joys, and concerns.  And, let us never grow weary praising God for His great Grace.